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Remote Tech Support

by Inka Luoma last modified Aug 30, 2017 03:05 PM

Occasionally it is easier to resolve an issue when the tech can see your computer's screen and make the settings changes to your computer or modem with you watching. This document shows how to download and install the software that allows our techs temporary access to your computer. You should discuss granting access to your computer ONLY to someone whose voice you recognize from earlier phone conversations. Don't start start screen sharing if there is anything of a private nature on your desktop as our technician will see it. If any red flags of suspicion wave in your face, phone OlympusNet support. We ask you to remain with your computer for the entire time you're sharing your screen. If you have to temporarily step away from the computer, please press the Stop button (Red X shown at step 6) which will end the sharing session and immediately remove your screen from the tech's view.

Macintosh Screenshots

Following are the steps you'll follow on a Mac computer to grant access.  Windows screenshots show at the end of the document, steps 7-11.

  1. Enter into the "Search or enter Address" field in Firefox, Safari, or other browser, then click your Enter or Return key on the keyboard. The URL will show the secure padlock and https as shown on the screenshot below.
  2. Enter a name or nickname into Your Name field. The tech on the phone with you will give you the Support Key to enter for the support session. Click on the Continue button.
  3. The screenshot shown below might open. Look to the bottom-left and click OK. Do not click the Choose button.  Instead, one is usually directed to look in the Downloads for the file GoToOpener.dmg - double-click on the file to launch/install it.
  4. If this is the first time you've connected to Go To Assist, you will get the popup shown below. Click on the Open button.
  5. Next you should get the following popup. Click on Join Session.
  6. Notice that you may click Stop at any time to close the session, and the tech will no longer be able to view your computer.  Notice that you can send an instant message to the tech using the "Type message here" and clicking Send.

    Windows Screenshots

  7. Enter in the URL of a browser page, and click Enter.
  8. Enter a name or nickname, and the Support Key the OlympusNet tech will give you, then click continue.
  9. The next popup should give the information for the GoToAssist Opener. Save the file, and then click Run, or click install.  Click yes on the popup that asks "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your PC?" if it comes up. Notice the yellow triangle icon in the screenshot below - later, you may need to click it on your task bar to open the application to view.
  10. You may get the following two popups as Go to Assist installs, and then connects.
  11. Next you will be asked if you want to join the session. Click Yes, and OlympusNet will be able to see your computer.