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Account Manager Help

by tciil — last modified Jan 13, 2016 03:06 PM
Billing management in the Account Manager

This document emphasizes using the Account Manager to manage your billing. Simpler documents covering how to change your email password and add email addresses are linked below.
Change Email Password
Setting Up Mailboxes in the Account Manager
Setting Up Email Aliases in the Account Manager


Click on Account Manager Login from the OlympusNet home page
Log in with your primary account username/password.

If you have trouble logging in call tech support for your login or click the link below the login box, Can't login? Click here to recover your password. A screen will pop up asking for your email address. Enter your email address and click Retrieve My Password. An email with the username and password will be sent to the email address of the account owner on record, if the correct primary email address has been entered. The From: and Subject: fields of that email will look like the fields below. CSM (Customer Service Manager) is another name for the Account Manager.
    From:     Automated Email <>
    Subject:     Your CSM Login Information

The primary page after login:

Explanation for the links in the margin:

  • Pay my bill: Add or update a bank card, and click Post Payment.
  • Update my password: This update is only for the change of password to access the Account Manager. It does not change your email password. After clicking the link there is an additional link, Advanced, under which you can change email passwords. This table is more involved, and may throw errors. Changing email passwords is easier using the document linked at the top of this document.
  • Update my billing info: Change name, address, phone, or add a new card. Saving the changes does not submit a payment if one is due. Use Pay my bill to submit the payment. See more detail about Update my billing info below.
  • Turn on autopay: The link only shows you a message to go back to Update my billing info where you can check the check box for autopay.
  • Contact Us: shows OlympusNet PO Box, 800 number and email billing address.

Subscriber Information Tab

The status of your account appears at the bottom of the window on every tab. A Pay Now link appears next to the status unless the status is Paid Up. The account status appears as one of the following:

  • Paid Up - Account is paid in full.
  • Due Soon
  • Overdue
  • Suspended (If services are suspended, you can still log in to the Account Manager and pay your bill. Your payment will automatically reactivate your services.)

Click the Pay Now link to make a one time payment. Credit card information entered here is not kept on record. If you want to keep a credit card on file, complete and submit the information after clicking the Billing Info link on the right. Entering information on the Billing Info screen does NOT process a payment. You must do that via the Pay Now link or the Pay my bill link.

  • Primary Contact information - Update the contact information for the person responsible for the Account, also known as the Account owner.

Update My Billing Info

To add or remove a credit card from your account, click on Update my billing info. You will see the delete link beside the expiration date if a card is currently on file. Delete an expired card, then add a new one if you want to keep your card on file, filling in the details from the card. Be sure the name, address and phone above reflect what is on the card. Click Save Changes.

Turn autopay on or off by checking/unchecking the check box Automatically bill this credit card every term.

When you update your card information, but no payment is made, a charge of $0.01 will temporarily appear on your online card statement in "pending transactions". This authorization verifies that the card is valid and belongs to you. Once the authorization is complete, the charge will vanish, normally within 3 business days. Debit cards sometimes take longer to expire authorizations, depending on the bank.


Statements Tab

  • Accounting Transaction Register lists charges, payments and credits in your recent billing history
  • Displays Account Status
  • Displays current Autopay status
  • Displays Paid Until date
  • Show All check box allows you to view your entire billing history
  • Selecting any item in the Register, e.g., Invoice or Payment, pulls up the details of the transaction for review or printing.

Print an Invoice

To print an invoice, click on the Statements tab. Then click on Invoice # in the Description column to open the invoice.

To print an invoice click the printer icon above the displayed invoice.