Create Mailboxes

by tcitg — last modified Aug 26, 2015 02:47 PM


Click on Account Manager Login from the OlympusNet home page.



The primary login is the username/password for the account owner, and may not be the same as one of the email addresses in the account. If you have trouble logging in, click the link below the login box, Can't login? Click here to recover your password. A screen will pop up asking for your email address. Enter your Email Address and click Retrieve My Password. An email with your username and password will be sent to the email address you entered. Call OlympusNet tech support if you don't have the correct login.

Packages Tab

  • Lists the Packages you are subscribed to
  • Selecting a package will list the Package Services, i.e., the services that are included with the package.
    • Package Services icons let you know which services are Active:
    • = Primary Email (this is an Active Item by default)
      = Active Item
      = Deactivated Item
    • Selecting a Package Service will display details for that service in the Account Details window.
    • Edit or Delete Active Items by selecting them and choosing the appropriate button (select Edit to change your password).
    • View Account Settings, Edit SpamFilter, Enable/disable autoresponder or Make an Active Email the Billing Email by selecting it

Create an Mailbox

  1. Click on the Packages tab.
  2. Click on your subscribed package.
  3. In the Package Services column, select a deactivated Email (gray X).
  4. Enter a name in the Username field. Note: the name will automatically have added.
  5. Enter a secure password in the Password field.
  6. Click the Activate button.