Export a Mailbox - OS X 10.7-10.8

by onjdl — last modified Jan 23, 2015 04:54 PM
  1. If you would like to move a mailbox to another computer or store the mailbox in an encrypted external drive or to durable, inexpensive encrypted storage. Please follow the steps below.
    1. Open the Mail application.
    2. Click on the mailbox that you would like to move.
    3. Select Mailbox from the top menu.
    4. Choose Export Mailbox from the drop down menu.
    5. Specify the location you would like to export the mailbox to. In this example we will choose Documents.
    6. Click the Choose button at the bottom of the window to complete the export.
    7. You will have an copy of the mailbox in the Documents folder. For example the exported mailbox could be named something like 2012 johndoe@olympus.net mail archive.mbox

    8. If needed, you can copy the exported mailbox file to another computer using an encrypted thumb drive or upload it to an encrypted, durable and inexpensive storage facility.