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General Email FAQs

by Ned Schumann last modified Oct 05, 2017 02:37 PM
  1. If email is sent using OlympusNet's SMTP server it will be digitally signed so that the receiving SMTP server can detect changes in the content of the email as well as some of the headers. In addition, the receiving email server can detect that it was sent by an OlympusNet SMTP server. In short, OlympusNet sends email using SPF and DKIM.
  2. Mailbox size limits: 5GB. Mail sent to a full mailbox will bounce to the sender with an error message explaining that the mailbox is full.
  3. New email account limits: 25 emails can be sent in the first 24 hours after an account is activated. For up to two weeks, the limit is 250 per day, after which 500 per day can be sent. See also item number 7.
  4. Email backups for email
    1. Backup is created when email is deleted from the trash folder.
    2. Backups for email are retained for 30 days.
  5. Email backups for domain email
    1. Restorations from backups are available only in the event of network error or failure, and cannot be provided through inadvertant deletion or error by the user.
  6. Spam folder in Webmail
    1. Spam is not counted in the Mailbox size limits.
    2. Spam older than 30 days is automatically deleted.
  7. Mail Lists
    1. Mass emailing is not supported. Using a service like Mailchimp is recommended. If the following limit is exceeded, the servers will suspend privileges for sending mail for 24 hours: 
      a. The maximum number of emails per day is 500.
      b. Recommended: keep lists to 40 recipients, and send groups ten minutes or so apart to avoid getting flagged as spamming.
    2. The servers determine whether recipients of an email mark the email as Spam. The account will be blocked from sending email if more than one recipient marks the email as spam.
  8. Mail settings
    1. Incoming (POP, IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail servers:
      1. For accounts:
      2. For (domain) accounts:
    2. Ports
      1. POP: 995 (ssl) preferred, 110 allowed
      2. IMAP: 993 (ssl) preferred, 143 allowed
      3. SMTP: 587 preferred, 25 allowed, 465 allowed for MS Outlook Express and some versions of Thunderbird. Some versions of Android devices may require SMTP port 465.