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Domain Website FAQs

by Kat Barrett - admin last modified Apr 07, 2017 10:50 AM


Q: Who is responsible for software updates?
A: If OlympusNet installs the software ie. Wordpress or Joomla then OlympusNet maintains it. If the customer installs the software, the customer maintains it.

Q: What are the hosting server specifications?
A: Hybrid Linux/Windows OS powered by the following specs:

  • Apache Web Server version: Linux Apache 2.2.3
  • PHP Scripting Module version: PHP 4.4.1 or 5.3.28
  • Perl Scripting Language version: Perl 5.6.1
  • MySQL Database Server and Client version: 4.1.22-5.5.28-5.5.39

Q: Is it possible to use SSH keys for SCP?
A: Using SSH keys for SCP is currently not allowed on the new server.

Q: Which desktop clients may be used to copy, upload or manage files?
A: We recommend Filezilla or Win SCP  for Windows or  Filezilla  for Mac. SFTP is not supported at this time. The File Manager Pro tool in the Domain Admin Control Panel can also be used for file management.

Q. Why does phpinfo() return a blank screen?
   <?php phpinfo(); ?>
A. phpinfo() is a security risk and has been disabled. Let us know the specific parameters you need.