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Domain Administration DNS

by Ned Schumann last modified Jun 27, 2016 12:01 PM

All Domains

Desktop Email

  1. Your desktop/laptop/iDevice email should be set as follows:
    1. is set to which is used for sending and receiving email
    2. is set to
  2. See Domain Administration Email for more information.


  1. Inform your registrar that's nameservers are:         

Time to Live (TTL) for A Records

  1. TTLs are set to 86400  which is 24 hours

Domains hosted at OlympusNet but nameservers managed by customer (not managed by OlympusNet)


  1. If you wish to manage your DNS using our Domain Administration Control Panel, follow the instructions above under Registrar.


  1. Your domain's MX records should be set to the following (note the trailing period). is a useful site to check these values once set.
[priority 10]
[priority 100]
[priority 110]


  1. Websites hosted at OlympusNet should point their domain's A record to Those A records are typically your domain's website ( and